How to get started with the platform?

Step 1. Join our trading chat, use the link in a welcome message of the platform telegram bot

Step 3. Get acquainted with guidelines .

Step 5. Get acquainted with all the sections of the platform interface.

Step 6. See frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Step 7. Arrange market monitoring on the platform.

Step 8. View general information about bots.

Step 9. Explore the possibilities of each bot:

Step 11. Try strategies for bots.

Step 12. Practice how fibo bot works:
  • Find a coin using market monitoring that has increased by at least 30%.
  • Check whether the coin is on the blacklist or not. Also, conduct a backtest.
  • Place a fibo grid on the entire growth phase.
  • Launch a fibo bot with a test deposit ($100) and wait for your profit target.
  • As soon as the tests are successful, you can increase the deposit allocated to the bot.

Step 13. Practice how squeeze bot works:
  • Search a rising coin using market monitoring or script for automated search for squeezes.
  • Place a bot's grid and locate orders:
    • Buy: 3, 5, 7, 10, 15
    • Sell: 1, 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4.5
  • Allocate a deposit of $11 to each bot.
  • Wait for profit target and watch at what time bot settings work better or become risky.
  • Make it more sophisticated by starting 5 bots without trigger start and 5 bots with a trigger start and use the same settings.
  • When tests go successfully, you can increase the deposit allocated to each bot.
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