Initial settings

1. Use the menu in the left corner in the "Settings" section to do initial settings.

2. Select two-factor authentication (2FA) on the left menu to activate it.

3. Select the telegram bot on the left menu and follow the instructions to activate it.

Connect your API keys. For trading on futures, keep in mind that API keys should be created on Binance after connection to Binance Futures. Work with old or used keys is invalid.

4.1.  Copy IP addresses to the clipboard (click the "Copy" button as you can see below).

4.2. Go to Binance. Log in and open the API Management tab. There users can create new API keys and label them.

4.3. Click an "Edit restrictions" button when a new API key is created. Activate a "Restrict access to trusted IPs only" checkbox and paste the copied IP addresses from LEXX platform into the field below. When you enter IP addresses, the field can automatically have the address, you should delete it.  It is obligatory to activate "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" and "Enable Futures" checkboxes. Clear the "Enable Withdrawals" checkbox.
Add the platform IP addresses in the API keys settings for constant operation of the bots. Otherwise, Binance stops fixing checkboxes for trading 90 days after their creation, which leads to the malfunction of the bots.

4.4. When previous instructions are fulfilled copy API keys and paste in the public key field and the secret key field (Settings -> API keys). Save changes on the platform and exchange Binance.

Congratulations, the initial setup is complete!

NB: In case of the poor performance of your PC or laptop the work of the platform may be limited as well. Disabling "Market trades" and "Order book" may help to improve workability of the interface. For that remove the lock from the platform's interface by clicking on the lock icon in the upper-right corner. Then close mentioned elements and turn on the interface blocking.
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