Fast candlesticks

The "fast candlesticks" option is available in the LEXX Trading Platform terminal for all tariff plans.

This option is automatically enabled when selecting 1M, 3M, or 5M timeframes. In this case, the indication will be displayed in the upper right side of the TV (TradingView) chart:

The advantage of quick candlesticks is that traders of LEXX Trading Platform see changes on the chart before all other traders, and decisions on the transaction are made earlier. 
 Candlesticks updates are on average 5 times faster than the web interface of Binance exchange and any other services for trading via the API, which makes our platform the fastest terminal for trading on Binance.

You can do your candlesticks even faster for an additional fee. This option is called "LEXX turbo candles". Go to the settings, open "Tariff/Balance" tab, click "Additional options" and activate the "LEXX turbo candles" checkbox to connect it to your account. They refresh 600 times per minute. It is useful especially for scalping and helps to see changes on the chart even faster. After activation, the option is also automatically enabled when selecting 1M, 3M, or 5M timeframes. 

Comparative chart of data updates within one minute.
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