Information about the platform

LEXX Trading Platform

LEXX Platform is an advanced web terminal designed to work with Binance exchange in manual and automated modes using trading bots on a chart. Two tariffs are available for trading: 


The platform integrates into Binance account with the help of an API key without the ability to withdraw the deposit.

As compared with the standard web terminal or trading app, in addition to automated trading with the help of bots the platform has realized some improvements for comfort manual trading, such as:

  • Fast display of price changes on a chart (updating candlesticks faster than on other terminals)
  • Visual demonstration of orders and their quick move with the cursor on a chart.
  • Display the history of deals on the charts.
  • The simultaneous placing of orders with stop-loss and take-profit.
  • Market monitoring: you are provided with constant surveillance of what is going on with bots, deals, and the market.
  • Alarms notify you of the price crosses under the specified conditions in the telegram channel and the terminal.
But the main advantage which exposes the full potential of the platform is trading bots.

What do these trading bots do?

Bots help to automate trading within the selected strategy or concrete trading plan.

Trading bots allow to buy, sell or stop-loss due to a pre-made algorithm without direct control.

Bots have a standby mode that permits them to realize many trading plans in advance. They can be activated and executed under necessary circumstances (triggers) without deposit freeze and as a result using the full amount of allocated funds.

The set of functions of all bots allows not to miss important levels and to be able to leave orders and trading setups without close supervision.

Bots vary one from another in different strategies of trading plans.

What bots are there on the platform?

Channel bot

Allows setting single or multiple buy/sell orders within a horizontal channel. It has an extra capability to accumulate profit in chosen coin or multiple uses of profit for an increase of position. 

Squeeze bot

Available at tariff PRO. Allows automated trading by strategy “long squeeze”. Can catch a sudden fall of coin and sell on a rebound. Also can accumulate and reuse profit.

Fibo bot

Available at tariff PRO. Allows automated trading based on strategy "Aftershock" from @aLexjjcrypt and "Three-bucket" from @ClarenceFereiro. It has many additional settings to maximize profits and the number of successful gains.

Intraday bot

Available at tariff PRO. Automates intraday trading based on strategy "work with a single limit: one buy, two (or more) sales, stop under the trend line" from @aLexjjcrypt. Its settings so flexible that allows trading on any horizontal or dynamic lines — buy limit order and sell limit order.
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