The referral program

Lexx Trading Club referral program allows you and your friends to earn even more:
  • Referrals are new users of the platform who registered by referral link. They get 15 USDT into the account balance of the platform as a gift.
  • Referrels are users of the platform who gave a referral link. They receive a commission into their account balance from the amount contributed by the referrals.
The referral link can be found on the platform (Settings -> Referrals).

Referral program rules:
  • The size of the commission is 10% of the amount of the referral's contribution.
  • Duration of commissions accrual - unlimited.
  • Your account and referral account must be active (No negative account balance).
Lexx Trading Platform reserves the right to revise the terms of the referral program.
Дата создания: 13.03.2021 19:15      Обновлено: 04.07.2021 13:30