"Create an order" block

The block creates and configures orders. Quick transfer of funds between spot account and futures is also one of the features.

Click on the wallet icon allows to transfer funds between exchanges:

In the window that appears, fill in the boxes and click the confirm button:

The user can set parameters in the menu for working with orders in the "chart" block.

There is an icon for creating an instrument on the chart in the lower-left corner of the block. It displays the limit order. The price position of the order is the value of the price in the box.

The "BUY/SELL" button switches between buy and sell orders. The tabs set different types of orders:

Limit and Market tabs

Limit and Market tabs are standard windows for work with orders, similar to the exchange interface.

Stop Limit tab

Stop-Limit is a type of order that applies both to a pending buy and a sell. How to use the Stop-Limit function.

Stop Limit tab settings
The "Stop" box is the trigger for the "Limit" box. 
ExampleAt the current price of 7100 BTC\USDT, a trader wants to exit by stop-limit order when the price level reaches 6800. In the "Stop" box, the value should be 6800. In the "Limit" box, the price at which the order goes to the order book (usually a value is set below the "Stop" value to exclude slip).
 Important. The user can move a placed stop-limit order (indicated in the "Limit" box), but a trigger (indicated in the "Stop" box) is unchangeable and unseen on the chart.

TPSL tab

The TPSL tab is an OCO order that allows setting Take-Profit and Stop-Loss simultaneously.

TPSL tab settings
The "Stop" box is the trigger for the "Limit" box. 
ExampleAt the current price of 7100 BTC\USDT, a trader wants to sell at the price of 8000$ by entering 8000 in the upper "Limit" box. The next steps are similar to the actions in the "Stop-Limit" tab.

The "Trigger" and "Limit" boxes with an active checkbox are optional.
When the "Trigger" checkbox is enabled for take-profit, the volume of exposed coins is reserved, but it is not displayed in the order book for exchange users. Only after the price touches the "Trigger" level, the reserved volume gets into the order book at the price indicated in the "Limit" box.
Then the "Limit" checkbox is disabled, the placed sell order is executed by a market order, when the price touches the indicated value in the "Stop" box.
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