"Watcher bot" block

This bot is designed to display notifications about price changes in the market according to user-made settings.

Bot settings

The user manages bot settings in the ''Watcher bot" or "List" tab by clicking the ''plus'' icon.

 Required boxes to fill in:

1. Minimum volume, BTC

It is a minimum volume of daily trade, represented in Bitcoin, used to analyze changes in the market situation for compliance with the user-made settings. The minimum allowed value in the box is ''10''.

Daily trading volume is the volume of total tokens value that changed owners on the exchange per day (24 hours). The higher the value, the more liquidity the token has. This value is seen in:

2.  Price change, %

The price change is expressed in the percentage for analysis of changes in the market situation for compliance with the specified parameters. A minimum value in the box is "5".

3. Time-frame

The time frame allows analyzing changes in the market situation for compliance with the specified parameters. The value in the box must be selected from the drop-down menu.

Optional boxes:

1. Filter

With the filter, the user gets notifications only for the pairs corresponding to the selected market.

2. Minimum price

The user inputs the price in BTC. Any price can be set. With the filter, messages about price changes below the specified price don't come. It is recommended to set "0.00000100" to exclude notifications about "satoshi" pairs.

Managing configurations

A great number of configurations can be set. They are managed from the "List" tab.

At this tab, the user can editactivate, stop or delete created configurations. The green toggle means that it's active, the red one means that it's stopped. A gear is responsible for editing and deleting

Getting notifications

After set up and launch, the relevant market events display in the "Watcher bot" tab. Examples of notifications:

Configuration in red frame:
  • Minimum value: 100 BTC
  • Price change: 10%
  • Time frame: 15m
Pair WRX/BNB. The price increased by 25.02% from 0.0058394 to 0.0073 within 15 minutes. The daily volume is 221 BTC.

Configuration in yellow frame:
  • Minimum value: 150 BTC
  • Price change: 10%
  • Time frame: 1h
Pair WRX/BNB. The price decreased by 16.72% from  0.00001573 to 0.0000131 within 1 hour. The daily volume is 4360 BTC.

When a list of notifications is overwhelmed, clicking on the "trash" icon clears it:

Watcher bot can send notifications via telegram when connected with the telegram bot:

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