"Chart" block

This article describes the possibilities of working with orders within the TV chart.

1. Indicators of executed trades

The green triangle is a buy. The yellow triangle is a sale.

2. Orders management

Allows quickly set the value of both limit orders and stop orders on the chart. After setting the price, the user must go to "Create an order" block  to enter the rest of the order parameters.

The user can split the order into two parts. Double-click on the limit order in the chart splits the order.

Multiple partial orders can be quickly merged if they have one "creator" (bot or user) by the merge orders option. But only when they have the same price.

The user can manage the orders on the chart. Right-clicking on a limit order opens the context menu with split and merge orders options. The left mouse button + ctrl also splits the order on the chart.

When the user creates a TPSL order, only the value of take order, start trigger, and stop loss are set on the chart. All the rest settings are made in the "Create an order" block.

After creating a TPSL order or stop loss, only a limit order is displayed on the chart. Left-click on the limit order shows the position of a trigger and stop loss. 

3. Bot creation menu

Allows creating a bot from the list: Channel, Squeeze, Fibo, Intraday.

4. "Favorites" Toolbar

It is necessary when the chart in full-screen mode, since the main panel is hidden.

5. Menu for managing chart layouts

Allows saving a chart template or load a previously saved one. Important! After changes on the chart, the "cloud" becomes dashed. After clicking the "cloud", the end of the animation means that the layout is saved.  Also, the layout can be saved under a different name.

Before saving

After saving

6. LEXX settings

Hide/show orders: Allows to hide or show orders on the chart.
  • Eliminates accidental dragging an order on the chart.
Hide/show trades: Allows to hide or show trades indicators on the chart.
  • Simplifies analysis of the chart.
Hide/show breakeven: Allows to hide or show a breakeven line on the chart.
  • The breakeven line takes into account all buy and sell orders that are on the chart. Calculates the price to sell for reaching a breakeven point. The line also counts the exchange's commission.
  • All orders should be displayed on the chart window to identify the breakeven line.
  • Thus, the breakeven level for both the last trade and for all can display.

7. Limit order indicator

Allows to move orders created by bots or a trader on the chart, such as:
  • move or cancel orders of any bot;
  • adjust orders of the fibo bot to the levels in real-time;
  • change the buy/sell level (higher or lower);
  • move buy order of squeeze bot;
  • When a sell limit order on the chart is lower that the level of the current price, a sell market order occurs. Applications are collected in an order book until one of the events:
      • Order book contains all orders to the price level to which the order is moved;
      • moved order is executed by 100%.
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