"Bots list" block

The block displays trade statistics and info about created bots. The filters: activity, trading pair, name, market (BTC, FIAT, ALTS, BNB, Binance Futures) and bot type (Fibo, Intraday, Squeeze, Channel).

The "toggle" color shows the bot's activity:

  • Green - active;
  • Yellow - standby mode;
  • Red - stopped.

  • Buttons in the upper right corner help to filter the list of bots (show only active ones, etc.):

  • Clicking any pair in the "Pair" column opens this pair on the chart.

  • The "%" column shows a range between 0 and 1 on the fibo bot grid as a percentage. It helps to sort fibo bots from local to global.

  • PNL (Profit and Loss statement) is a current state of the bot in the position in relation to the bot balance.

  • The system automatically deletes the stopped bot from the bots list after 7 days. The active or in a standby mode bot stays undeleted.
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