"Alarms" block

This block of the platform displays active and triggered alarms (notifications when price crosses the line) that are set by the user on the TV chart.

"Alarms" tab

This tab displays fulfilled notifications.

"List" tab

Displays a list of alarms created by the user, from which you can manage alarms (stop, start, view, delete).

Adding the "Alarms" block

This window is enabled by default but if it isn't detected visually then follow a few steps:

1. Remove the lock from the modal windows by clicking on the icon in the upper-right corner  

2. Open the list of hidden blocks by clicking on the plus icon in the lower right corner and select "Alarms".

Alarm creation

1. Draw a trend line on the TV chart (Ray, Horizontal ray, Arrow, Line).

2. The alarm logo will appear in the toolbar (a bell with a plus sign).

3. After previous actions, the alarm is active and displayed in the list of alarms. At this moment, a notification pops up and a click on it opens the edit window. The edit window is also available by clicking the "bell" again in the toolbar or by right-clicking in the context menu.

The edit window:

4. The alarm is visualized on the TV chart by a "bell" that appears on the linked line and indicating its activity.

Also, this alarm is on the list.

5. When the price crosses the alarming line, the user receives notification
  • In the browser window with sound when the platform is open
Indication «Upper breakout»

Indication «Lower breakout»

  • In the telegram bot:
Indication «Upper breakout»

Indication «Lower breakout»

Editing. Work with active alarms

1. The line with an active alarm can be moved by user. The alarm reconfigures automatically according to the new line position (the alarm name remains the same).

2. Users can change the alarm name directly from the chart. For that user opens the toolbar window on the chart and click on the "bell", or through the context menu by right-clicking.

View on the active alarm on the chart

1. Click the "eye" icon on the "List" tab to display the alarm line on the chart.

2. When the pair, which location you want to see, is open, the line becomes active on the chart.

3. When another pair is open, an auto switch to the viewed pair occurs with the line activation on the chart.

"Alarms" tab

1. Alarm notification can have a “new” status (green dot).

2. All notifications initially have a "new" status. The "new" status is removed by the user when one gets a notification in the tab and click on "Ok”. 

3. The user can also remove the "new" status by clicking on the notification itself in the list.

4. When a list of notifications is overwhelmed, clicking on the "trash" icon clears it:

In addition:

1. The user deletes the line with the linked alarm.
2. We strictly recommend saving the chart before turning it off, to display a created alarm correctly. 
3. After an alarm creation, the "Delete after activation" checkbox is enabled by default. If the checkbox is turned off by the user, the next alarms work without this function.
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