Opening of Binance Futures account

Trade on the futures market on the platform is impossible without opening a futures account on Binance. How to open a futures account on Binance:

If the account is already active, follow step "5".

1. Log in to your Binance account.

2. Open "Binance Futures" landing page:

3. Click on the "Open Account" button:

4. In a new window, on the right, click "Open Now":

Congratulations! The futures account is enabled.

5. Create new API keys that already support API services for futures trading.

The "Enable Futures" checkbox must be active and restrict access to platform's IPs only is recommended:

The user creates API keys only after opening a futures account. Otherwise, API keys don't work on the futures market.

6. Enter new API keys in the settings of the platform by replacing the existing keys with the new ones and click save.

 Learn more about trading on Binance Futures.
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