Strategy for channel bot

Channel bot can be of use in many strategies, for example:
  • Trading with a satoshi coin.
  • Automated algorithm of delayed buy and sell with a stop.
Trading with a satoshi coin

The "Ping Pong" strategy works with zones where fake breakout occurs. It is when price breaks outside of a defined range but quickly moves back into the range. The trader should find an asset on the chart that after a breakout makes a retest of the level.


1. Define a level below which you want to place channel bots.

2. Measure a percentage of change by using historical data and the current price. In the image below, the step is 12 up to a price of 40.

3. Place bots at each level with an equal deposit (or martingale coef). Auto-restart is optional.

4. Wait till price retests the level after a breakout.

 Extra tips:

- Select the "Collect" option before bots activation if TA warns about the potential growth of an asset. You can sell the profit of the bot at a better price.

- Be ready for a long-term trading (several months). It requires BTC purchased at a low price.

- Be aware that the strategy works only after the bull market when the volumes are dynamic.

Automated algorithm of delayed buy and sell with a stop

The bot buys at a defined price, places a sell order and stop-loss in your absence.


1. Set buy/sell level In the bot's config.

2. Set a stop-loss and start trigger (optional).

3. Please note! Since this is one-time testing, make sure that the "Auto restart" checkbox is off.

 Extra tips:

- Keep in mind that the channel bot works only with set parameters. Regardless of your intervention, the bot still places a sell order according to the set price level in advance.

- On highly liquid instruments, you can set a start trigger up to 1% to avoid early freezing of the deposit.

Test the strategy with small orders, study coins, and change config according to the market situation. A bot configuration cannot be profitable for a long time.
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