Scripts for automated search for squeezes

Scripts hasten and automate the search for a working config for the squeeze bot. Follow the link:

- Log in or Sign up to (TV).
- Сlick the "Add to favorite indicators" button below the chart:

 - Open the chart:

 - Click the "Indicators & Strategies" button right above the chart:

 - Choose the "Favorites" tab and click on script name:

- After that, the chart obtains a new indicator as shown below. A click on gear opens "Settings":

- People of different countries join the platform each day and stimulate our LEXX platform community to grow. The first script was created by @tranzilla. He is a user of our platform which is why the script has some peculiarities:
  • The "Settings" menu consists of elements that have no English translation:

  • These are trade triggers:
1. "Триггер Покупки" - is a buy trigger.
2. "Триггер Продажи" - is a sell trigger.
  • The last one is an attachment to the candlestick:
3. "Привязка" - is an attachment.

This script is a good helper in your trading!

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