Bringing together the platform accounts, refunds

1. Bringing together the platform accounts.

The users may bring together the platform accounts with the transfer of the account balance from one to another if necessary. At the same time, there are several restrictions, such as:
  • Both accounts must belong to one person, and the user must provide irrefutable proof of that (the confirmation must be agreed with the administration).
  • When the transfer of account balance A to account balance B takes place, the balance on account A becomes less by the transferred amount and the balance on account B becomes greater by the transferred amount minus the fee.
  • The fee is taken for the transfer of account balance A to account balance B.
  • The fee is equal to the trial deposit on the account balance B.
For example, account A is primary. It bears 100 USDT. Account B was created by using the referral link with a balance of 15 USDT. Only 85 USDT (100-15) is credited to account balance B when transfer from account balance A.

After the transfer, the account balance A is automatically blocked if it's equal to 0. Further work with the account is impossible.

2. Refunds

The decision on the return of funds to the user is made by LEXX Trading Platform. If it is positive, the following conditions apply:
  • The refund is made within 14 days from the moment of making a positive decision.

  • The refund doesn't include any form of the deposit that isn't paid directly by the user (trial period, bonuses, and so on). 

  • After the refund, the user's account balance is set to 0.
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