General information

Important to keep in mind that the bot is a program that performs automated actions according to an algorithm through the platform's interface. As a rule, this is a purchase with a further sale at a higher price. The user sets an algorithm to the bot which indicates the purchase and sale levels. The bot doesn't have an option to make its own decisions. it is just a tool that allows to automate and speed up the actions performed by the user: placing and canceling orders, moving them, "exit" by stop-loss, etc.

It means that bots can eliminate most of the routine and emotional decisions. However, there are no exclusively profitable automated bots that work on the principle "start and forget". For effective trading with the help of bots, the user must evaluate the market situation, choose the trading strategy and type of bot that suits this strategy, monitor the bot's work, since the market is in constant motion.

LEXX Trading Platform gives access to:

Trading bots:
Change of the settings for the active bots:

The settings of running bots can be changed in the configuration window called from the "List of bots" block. Please note that the changes enter into action only after the bot is stopped and then restarted. The bot doesn't stick to the plan in case of the restart after it made a purchase and placed a sell order which can lead to losses. We recommend changing the settings only for bots whose buy orders haven't been executed.


To minimize the risks in all types of trading bots, it is possible to set up a stop-loss.

Standby mode

All bots are trading ones except for the Telegram bot. They have a standby mode. In this mode, they don't place buy orders (and reserve a deposit) until the start trigger. The bot will "wake up" (place orders) when the market price reaches the required level (start trigger). The bot goes into standby mode again If the market price rises above the trigger level. It allows running a great number of bots with different settings. All of them use the nearest trading possibility with 100% of the available deposit. The user's trading can be carried out literally in automatic mode.

Bot's features:
  • Bots stop their work and don't place orders if at the moment of wake up there is no available deposit on the account balance equal to the amount allocated to them. Except for the squeeze bot that continues to work with the "trailing up" function. 
  • No standby mode till the bot executes placed sell order.
  • Our recommendation to the users is to specify the coordinates of the line on small timeframes (TF) (1m, 5m) due to line shift on different TF on the chart. Bots take data from the minute TF.
  • While the bot is active, do not trade on other terminals on this pair and do not convert small balance to BNB.
  • To avoid unplanned purchases turn off BNB auto-buy option (in the portfolio section) when trading the BNB asset or trading altcoins to BNB.
How to shut down the bot: 
You can quickly stop the bot by сlicking toggle  on the status of the bot in the "Bots list" block.

Click close  in the limit order of the bot on the chart.

Then you can choose what to do with the orders placed by the bot:
  • Sell to market
  • Cancel buy orders
  • Cancel all orders
  • Leave orders
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