General settings for trading bots

The window of bot creation.

1. Click the robot icon - "Create Bot"

Volume allocation

The bot must have some amount of the allocated deposit to buy and sell. There are two ways to do so:

1. Enter the amount in the "Volume" box

2. Select what percentage of the available deposit to allocate


All trading bots have the option to disable notifications when exiting the standby mode.

The activity of the bot's notifications is in the lower-left corner of the config of any bot in the form of a bell .

Crossed-out indicator - notifications are disabled;
No crossed-out indicator - notifications are enabled;

For a fibo bot, this option enables or disables the bot's notifications based on two criteria:
- Entering/exiting standby mode.
- Notification of the update of the new high (when the "sticky fibo" is enabled).

Start trigger

1. Bots have an additional standby mode. In this mode, bots don't place buy orders and don't reserve a deposit until the start trigger activation. The bot activation occurs when the market price touches the price defined in the start trigger box and only after that it places a buy order.

2. After the creation of a new bot of any type the start trigger is placed between the levels of current market price and buy order by default. The bot waits for activation till the price drops.

3. If the price doesn't fall to the placed buy order level but rises above the start trigger level then the bot goes into standby mode

4. In case of an intraday bot, when the "breakout" strategy is used, the start trigger is above the current price, waiting for its growth.

5. When the activated bot places a sell order, it goes into standby mode only after execution.

6. When the bot is in standby mode, it doesn't place buy orders and stops its work with an error, if there is no available deposit on the account balance equal to the amount allocated to it. Except for the squeeze bot with an active "start trigger" function. it continues to work in standby mode.

Start and stop triggers for squeeze bot

1.There is an option to set the start trigger in percentage. Click the checkbox next to the start trigger box

In this configuration the bot activation doesn't take place when the price reaches a certain level but when it changes to the set percentage to the previous candlestick.

Turn off the "%" checkbox to denote a start trigger in absolute value. The bot takes the value as the price level. And when a cross of the price takes place, the bot goes into standby mode.

For example, the user has a risky config for the bot 1.5/0.5 and the asset has the current high ($10). When the pump in the price takes place, the bot has risks not fulfilling the config. To increase the expected value, the user can define 10 in the start trigger box for a squeeze bot. Then as soon as the price crosses $10, the bot goes into standby mode until the price drops below $10 again.

2. Stop trigger

After this box is filled by the user, the bot goes into standby mode when the market price touches the settled price level. It reduces the risk of bad results in the bot's performance. Learn more about squeeze bot.

Types of bot status 

Bot creation requires filling in all obligatory boxes and clicking the "Create" button. Types of bot status are next:

1. Active

The bot is in this status when created without a start trigger (or start trigger is activated). At the same time:
  • It reserves the allocated amount of the deposit.
  • It places buy orders.
  • In the "Bots list" block the on/off toggle is green .

2. On hold

The bot is in this status when created with an inactive start trigger. At the same time:
  • It doesn't reserve the allocated amount of the deposit.
  • It doesn't place buy orders.
  • In the "Bots list" block the on/off toggle is yellow .

3. Stopped

The bot is in this status when it stopped for any reason (automatically finished working according to the specified algorithm, turned off by the user, an error occurred in the operation) or bot has an invalid configuration. At the same time:
  • It doesn't reserve the allocated amount of the deposit.
  • It doesn't place buy orders.
  • In the "Bots list" block the on/off toggle is red .
  • Can be restarted by the user. Before activation, analyze the relevance of the settings to the market situation.

To minimize risks, all types of trading bots have an optional stop loss setting. It is an "emergency exit" when the price of a coin falls dramatically. The bot needs to set the trigger to do so. Its configuration is carried out in the "Stop loss" tab.

The trigger is mostly the price level for all types of bots. In the "Price" box you should define it. When the current price touches this level, the stop loss trigger is activated and the placed sell orders are canceled. The bot places a new sell order of the defined type (any supported by this type of bot. More information in the description of the bots).
 The order type is selected in the dropdown menu:

When the "Closing one min candle" checkbox is selected, the stop loss trigger works only if the candlestick closes on the 1m timeframe (TF) below the defined level in the "Price" box.

The bot can set the trigger as a percentage. Select it in the dropdown menu:


This option appears in the active bot but not when the user creating one.

The user can add an extra stop-loss to an active bot without restarting it. Steps:
  1. In the configuration window, go to the "Stop Loss+" tab.
  2. Click "Add stop loss".
  3. Use the tool to set the stop trigger level (horizontal or dynamic line) on the chart.
  4. Click on the checkmark in the toolbar.
  5. When the price touches the added stop-loss line, the bot cancels all take orders and sales all its positions (market sale).
  6. After activating and executing the stop loss, the bot shuts down.

When the user selects another instrument (during step 3) or just clicks on the TV chart, a window appears:

- The "Create" button confirms stop loss+ on the set line (the same as the checkmark on the toolbar in step 4) .
- The "Remove" button cancels stop loss+.
- Closing the window leads to further stop loss+ setting.

The intraday bot has a ''Stop Loss+'' under the main settings in the menu of the bot config and it's called "Add stop loss".

Important! When placing a stop loss+ on the 1m TF, make sure that the stop loss line does not cross the current (open) candle. An additional stop loss is activated not only by market trades (the price) but also by the cross of a stop loss line and the current candle. If the line crosses an open candle then stop loss+ is triggered immediately, although the price is higher at the moment. BUT! When placing a stop loss+ in the candle with an executed buy order, the trigger for its activation is the price.


This function is available for squeeze bot and fibo bot.

Reuse / collect coin, auto restart

This function is available for channel bot and squeeze bot.

1. Reuse: the amount of the buy order increases with each completion of the "buy-sell" cycle (i.e. investment amount + profit).
2. Collect: the amount of the buy order remains the same. The bot collects profit in the coin selected from the pair.

Once per candle

There is a limit of transactions for the bot in one candlestick when this function is activated. The bot performs only one "buy-sell" cycle in a candlestick. For the first time, the bot doesn't place buy orders until the current candlestick is closed. This function is appropriate for upper timeframes (TF) and large allocations to the bot.  

Copy of bot settings

There is a button  in the upper-right corner of each bot's settings. It gives a link that allows sharing bot config. The link opens the "trading" section, a bot with the config and the tool that is linked to the bot.

Changing the settings of active bots

1. The settings of an active bot are changeable:

  • In the configuration window from the "Bots list".
  • In the toolbar by clicking on the robot icon.
  • In the edit bot menu by clicking the right mouse button.
Please note that the changes enter into action only after the bot is stopped and then restarted. The bot doesn't stick to the plan in case of the restart after it made a purchase and placed a sell order which can lead to losses. We recommend changing the settings only for bots whose buy orders haven't been executed.

2. Edit of an active bot should be performed before buy order execution by restarting it:
  • In the new toolbar after a bot's creation .
  • In the menu of this tool by clicking the right mouse button.
  • In the "Bots list" block .

How to shut down the bot: 
You can quickly stop the bot by сlicking toggle  on the status of the bot in the "Bots list" block.

Click close  in the limit order of the bot on the chart.

Then you can choose what to do with the orders placed by the bot:
  • Sell to market
  • Cancel buy orders
  • Cancel all orders
  • Leave orders
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