Squeeze bot

Performs automatic trading on the "Squeeze" strategy.


 1. Open the "Create bot" menu on the toolbar of the chart.
 2. Click the "Squeeze" tab.

 3. Allocate volume.
 4.  Set main parameters:
  • Time-frame
  • Binding
  • Buy trigger
  • Sell trigger
 5. Set manual parameters:
  • Auto restart
  • Trailing up
  • Start trigger
  • Stop trigger
  • Start trigger with the ''%'' checkbox on.
  • Reuse/collect
  • Stop loss
  • Once per candle

 6. Click ''Create'' button.

How it works 

1. The bot places a buy order equal to the value in the "Buy trigger" box according to a specified percentage where the ''binding'' is a starting point (in the screenshot above, the "low" is selected by default as the most "safe"). If the price falls to the set settings, the bot buys and places a sell order following the selected "Sell trigger" (taking into account the average price for multiple purchases).

 *Ascending candlestick is green, descending candlestick is red.
  1. High - highest traded price in that period.
  2. Open - first traded price in that period.
  3. Close - last traded price in that period.
  4. Low - lowest traded price in that period.
  5. Mid (oc) - middle value of ''open'' and ''close''. 
  6. Mid (hl) - middle value of ''high'' and ''low''.
2. If the ''low'' of a candlestick is constantly decreasing, the buy order trails down to the buy trigger value.

3. If the price goes up and the "Trailing up" checkbox isn't on, the buy order remains at the last value of ''low'' minus the user's % (buy trigger).

4. In case of a partial purchase and when a squeeze bot gets new funds from a sell order, the bot doesn't use the funds until the closing of the candlestick in which the sell order was executed. And only after the closing, the bot places a new buy order with specified settings for available funds.

Start and stop triggers

1.There is an option to set the start trigger in percentage. Click the checkbox next to the start trigger box.

In this configuration the bot activation doesn't occur when the price reaches a certain level but when it changes to the set percentage to the previous candlestick.

"Notify when waking up"

If the bot works through the start trigger, the user can activate or deactivate the "notify when waking up" option by clicking the ''bell''. In that case, the user gets notifications in the telegram bot and the "system notifications" block.

Stop trigger

After this box is filled, the bot goes into standby mode when the market price touches the settled price level. It reduces the risk of bad results in the bot's performance. 

Reuse / Collect 

1. Reuse: the amount of the buy order increases with each completion of the "buy-sell" cycle (i.e. investment amount + profit).
2. Collect: the amount of the buy order remains the same. The bot collects profit in the coin selected from the pair.

Once per candle

There is a limit of transactions for the bot in one candlestick when this function is activated. The bot performs only one "buy-sell" cycle in a candlestick. For the first time, the bot doesn't place buy orders until the current candlestick is closed. This function is appropriate for upper timeframes (TF) and large allocations to the bot.  

The bot stops:
  • After a sell order execution (without the ''Auto restart'' option).
  • After a stop loss trigger (and full sale if there was a purchase).
  • When the user stops the bot.
  • Because of external interference with orders (for example, via the exchange).
  • According to the time to stop after buying (stop loss menu).
Additional info:

1. The user can add stop loss+ to the active bot before the trade as well as in the trade:

With active stop loss+, the bot doesn't stop if ''auto restart'' is on. The bot sells the position and continues to work according to the setting.

2. With an active "trailing up" option, the squeeze bot also does trailing down. When the user moves a buy order without active "trailing up", the bot doesn't move the order when the candlestick closes. The order changes only after the ''low'' renewal recorded since the bot start. Restart the bot to renew the ''low''.

3. The limit on active at the same time bots with ''trailing up''  is 5 per account. The number of bots is expandable to 20 by setting a percentage start trigger, with the trigger value %>=1. The user can increase the limit on active at the same time bots with ''trailing up'' for an additional fee in the "Settings" section (Tariff / Balance => Additional options => the "Additional squeeze bots" checkbox).

4. The user can speed up and automate the search for a working config by the script for Trading view.
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