Channel bot

The bot buys and then sells within a horizontal channel at the specified price levels. It is ideal for working with "Satoshi" coins because it allows the user to quickly take a queue in the order book. Before setting up the bot, necessary to analyze the coin for being in a certain horizontal channel.


1. Open the "Create bot" menu on the toolbar of the chart.
2. Click the "Channel" tab.

3. Set main parameters: It is recommended to use the limit indicators on the chart (to prevent errors when filling in prices)
  • allocated volume
  • buy level
  • sell level
  • reuse/collect
  • auto restart (optional)

4. Set manual parameter:
  • stop loss

5. Click ''Create'' button.

How it works 

1. The bot places a buy order at the defined price level. In the case of an active start trigger, the bot places a buy order only after the start trigger level is touched.

2. After the buy order execution, the bot places a sell order at the specified level.

3. When the sale order is executed, the bot places a buy order again (provided that the auto restart is active).

4. The start with the ''Reuse'' option means that the amount of the order increases by the amount of profit from the previous sale. 

5. With the "Collect" option, when the amount of the buy order remains the same, the bot collects profit in the coin selected from the pair.

Types of orders:
  • Limit
  • Market (for stop loss)
The bot stops:
  • After a sell order execution (without the ''Auto restart'' option).
  • After a stop loss trigger (and full sale if there was a purchase).
  • When the user stops the bot.
  • Because of external interference with orders (for example, via the exchange).
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