Binance Futures (Beta)

The article describes the basic functionality of the platform on futures.

Channel bot, squeeze bot and fibo bot are available on the PREMIUM tariff. An intraday bot is available on both the PREMIUM and PRO tariffs.

Click on the wallet icon to transfer funds between exchanges:

In the newly opened window fill in the fields and click confirm:

The platform header has a menu with margin type and leverage selection:

Margin type. Cross margin mode is active by default. Click on a margin type field opens a margin type selection window:

Leverage. The leverage notion by default is 20x and circled in yellow. The leverage change is saved for the pair where you changed it. Change leverage size by clicking "+", "-" or entering a number in the field (press "enter" or left mouse button to save changes).

Market switch. Quick change from spot to futures market is in the header, under the trading pair name:

An absence of the "cycle" button means that the pair does not exist on the futures market. A quick switch to the futures market is also available in the "List of pairs" block. Select the "Binance Futures (Beta)" tab and click on the pair:

In the "List of bots" block, users can filter the list to show only bots on futures pairs:

In the "Orders list" block, the "Positions" tab displays the current open trades on the futures market:

Short positions are red  , long positions are green .

The bot's functionality on futures

Bots work in both long and short on the futures market. Toggle in the upper right corner of the bot config changes a position for long or short:

Channel and squeeze bot have no "collect" and "reuse" options on futures:

Additional information:

- The platform does not support a hedge mod. The platform supports only a one-way mode;
- the current version has only one bot at work on a pair, both long and short positions. The second bot stops with a lack of balance error;
- use of limit orders isn't safe when an active bot is on the pair. Manual trading may lead to an unplanned stop of the bot;
- the leverage switch is safe only when the bot is in standby mode;
- the leverage fixation happens when the bot exits a standby mode;
- check the positions tab in case of bot error on futures;
- Cross mode currently is not adapted on the platform (may be outdated position data). Monitor the execution of the orders on the exchange.
- the bots work only with isolated margin. Cross margin is not available.

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